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A Milanese story

Eigì is a Milanese-based brand founded in 2019. Specializing in luxury leather good. Eigì creations are entirely handcrafted in Italy using the highest quality materials, and can take up to 30 hours and 4 different types of craft to make.

A concept behind

An aesthetic that follows the principles of purism, which valued simple forms and machinery and condemned whatever form of exuberance. Form follows function is a principle associated with late 19th and early 20th century architecture and industrial design in general, and it means the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. Le Corbusier made it his priority to draw geometrical shapes, as “stripped” as possible, those being the easiest to understand.

A dream

Eigì is first of all an experiment, a need to create something for the pure passion of doing it. The idea behind this simple and elegant design is to give our clients the opportunity to participate in the creation of their bag during the purchase phase, hence our claim: “made for you, with you”, but not only. The possibility to customize your bag continues even after you have made your purchase thanks to the particular design of the Eigì metal bar, precisely because we ideally want to allow women to always be the best version of themselves. We also strongly believe in interpersonal relationships and we like the idea that women as friends, sisters, mothers and daughters can share a lot, even their Eigì bar to be exchanged as they please. Different styles and tastes with one thing in common: the passion for beauty. Versatility at the service of aesthetics without neglecting comfort and practicality.

We hope you enjoy this cocktails of ideas and thank you in advance for your support and trust in our project.

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